Travel Connections

Morogoro does not have a commercial airport and the nearest airport to SUA is the Mwalimu Julius Nyerere International Airport in Dar es Salaam, which is about 200 km from Morogoro. One can travel into Morogoro by road and it takes approximately 3 hours travel by road from Dar es Salaam. Railway services are also available for those travelling using the central railway line.

Foreign students are strongly advised to opt for road travel because of unreliable railway services between Dar es Salaam and Morogoro. For those opting to travel into Tanzania by road, they advised to take buses that pass through Morogoro.

A number of commercial buses ply between Dar as Salaam and Morogoro and there is often a bus every one hour. The last bus from Dar es Salaam leaves at around 7.00 pm. Foreign students coming to Tanzania by air are advised to take a taxi to Ubungo Bus Terminal (in Dar es Salaam) for which the cost is between 10-15 US Dollars.

The bus fare from Dar es Salaam to Morogoro (Msanvu Bus Station) is 5 – 10 US dollars and taxi from Msanvu Bus Station to MC or SMC is approximately 5 – 8 US dollars.

There are small commuter buses which ply into MC and SMC, often through more than one connection. New comers are strongly advised to avoid opting for these commuter buses on the first day of arrival because of some inconveniences

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