Programmes Offered at SUA

Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA) offer various Courses and Programmes that lead to Certificate,Diploma,Bachelor Degrees, Master Degrees and PhD qualifications. This can be a ticket to a successful life and career. SUA is recognized across the country and beyond for the quality of our teaching and student experience in the field of Agriculture, Veterinary Sciences, Forest and Tourism and more. Explorer all Programmes as listed below;

The graduates are agricultural bankers, agricultural investors, technical advisors in banking and investment in agriculture sector and businesses.

The programme produce graduates with knowledge and skills in agricultural economics and agribusiness to provide solution for problems in production and marketing of agricultural commodities. The… Read more

The programme is designed to develop professionals from agro- allied disciplines to acquire managerial and business knowledge and skills. It is also an ideal career development opportunity for… Read more

The aim of this programme is to produce graduates with managerial and administrative knowledge related to business management. This is an evening moduralised programme with specializations in the… Read more

To produce graduates with knowledge and skills essential for transforming the agro-food sectors and rural economy.

The programme is designed to train students for professional positions in the public agencies, parastatals, private organizations, teaching and research institutions and… Read more

This program is expected to produce graduates capable of undertaking high quality research and applying the same in bridging the gaps between policy and practice in agribusiness; agribusiness… Read more