Programmes Offered at SUA

Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA) offer various Courses and Programmes that lead to Certificate,Diploma,Bachelor Degrees, Master Degrees and PhD qualifications. This can be a ticket to a successful life and career. SUA is recognized across the country and beyond for the quality of our teaching and student experience in the field of Agriculture, Veterinary Sciences, Forest and Tourism and more. Explorer all Programmes as listed below;

The programme produce graduates with broad technical knowledge of wood processing and hands on skills for professional in technical drawing, designing and production of furniture and other wood… Read more

This programme produce competent experts with knowledge of forestry science and ability to deliver  advisory services and practice  for  sustainable development.

The programme wildlife experts equipped with technical, analytical, managerial and entrepreneurial skills in wildlife enterprise and related industries for sustainable development. Graduates are… Read more

The programme produce graduates with  positive attitudes, ethical values, professional knowledge and skills for managing and promoting  tourism  industries. Graduates have knowledge… Read more

Programme learning outcome: The programme is designed to produce Agroforestry professionals to serve in the promotion, management, training, research, extension and consultancy in Agroforestry

The programme is designed to impart high level of competence to professionals involved in ecosystem sciences and management for better research and practical application… Read more

The programme is designed to develop and demonstrate knowledge and understanding, intellectual qualities, practical skills, transferable skills and other attributes.

The programme is aimed to develop managers, researchers, trainers and entrepreneurs in the forest engineering sphere with innovative knowledge, skills and values in… Read more

The programme is designed to train competent forest products scientists and technologists to serve in forestry industries, academic institutions and other forestry… Read more

The programme is to equip students with innovative knowledge, skills and values in integrated forest resource assessment and management in  order to enhance… Read more

The programme is designed to train students for higher professional positions in the management and administration of forest resources and wood-based industries.

The programme is designed to enable graduates to develop a system orientation and awareness of the complex social, economic and ecological factors involved in natural… Read more

The programme aims at training human resource with requisite entrepreneurial knowledge and skills in the discipline of wildlife management, with emphasis on the… Read more

The programme aims at building student’s knowledge and skills through theoretical and empirical experiences. Graduates of this programme are expected to be capable of undertaking high quality… Read more