Vice Chancellor

The Vice Chancellor is the chief executive academic and administrative officer of the University and ex-officio Chairman of the Senate and of the Governing Board of every constituent college of the University. Vice - Chancellor is responsible to the Council for the implementation of the decisions of the Council.

Current Vice - Chancellor

Prof Raphael Tihelwa Chibunda is the 4th and current Vice Chancellor of Sokoine University of Agriculture. 

Former Vice - Chancellors

The following are names of the vice chancellors of Sokoine University of Agriculture since its establishment in 1984.

  1. Prof. Geoffrey R. V. Mmari (1 July 1984 - 29 August 1988)
  2. Prof. Anselm B. Lwoga (30 Aug 1988 - 15 June 2006)
  3. Prof. Gerald C. Monela (16 June 2006 – 26 April 2017)

Appointment & Term of office

Vice - Chancellor of the Sokoine University of Agriculture is appointed by the Chancellor upon the advice of the Council.

The Vice Chancellor is appointed from a list of three candidates who have attained the status of professor or associate professor or senior academician with outstanding academic qualification and administrative experience and capability of at least six years at senior management level on the basis of recommendations submitted by a Search Committee or through a procedure of public advertisement or both for the post and, upon such terms and conditions as the Chancellor may prescribe upon the advice of the Council.

The Vice Chancellor hold office for a term of five years and may be re-appointed for one more term of five years

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