SUA is partnering with KSCL to provide employment for graduates

Unemployment has been a major challenge facing many young people graduating from various universities in the country. 


Principal of the College of Agriculture, Prof. Bernard Chove (second from right) poses for a group photo with some of the Bursary scheme beneficiaries

The move has led many graduates to move around with their envelopes in search of employment while others look for job vacancies in the daily newspapers and internet to see if they can make a fortune on the ads featured in these publications.

The saddest thing is that many of these advertisements have been making it a requirement for job applicants to have several years of experience, a step that has been a barrier for many graduates to qualify for the job.

This and other challenges prompted the Kilombero Sugar Company Limited (KSCL) in collaboration with the Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA) through its College of Agriculture to set up a program to provide local students with practical training in the workplace to gain skills and experience. (read more about this partnership here:

Recently, Kilombero Sugar Company's human resources manager, Beda Chacha, said that in addition to providing practical learning opportunities, the company has introduced a "Bursary scheme" program to provide scholarships and employments to students with the aim of increasing the efficiency in the company.

Chacha said the program has enabled 53 young people to receive practical training and scholarships that enabled them to be employed by the company.

The principal of the Sokoine University of Agriculture’s College of Agriculture (CoA), Prof Bernard Chove said there were many successes achieved in college after entering into an agreement to send students for practical training in the Kilombero Sugar Company including helping students to complete their studies with sufficient field experience.

Prof. Chove praised the Kilombero Sugar Company and cited the example of SUA graduates being employed by them when they graduate and others getting funding for everything including fees.

In addition, Prof. Chove called on other institutions to follow the example of the Kilombero Sugar Company in receiving graduates so that they can learn practically in their institutions.

“I sent third-year Bachelor of Agricultural Engineering students for practical training at Kilombero Sugar Company Limited but later some of the graduates who seemed to be doing better received a full-time scholarship from the company and were eventually employed as they continued to finish their studies,” said Prof. Chove.

Tumaini Sawe who is a 2020 Bachelor of Agricultural Engineering graduate from the Sokoine University of Agriculture explained how the company helped her obtain a scholarship for her studies in her fourth year as well as employment after doing well in field practical.

Another beneficiary of the bursary scheme is Shukuru Thomas who after going to practice in his third year of study he was also able to get funding for everything in his fourth year and was fully employed by the company, and now as a student he is being trained and well acquainted with the Kilombero Sugar Company.

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