SUA to help Morogoro Region in Developing Strategic Crops

Morogoro Regional Commissioner Adam Malima has said that youth from the YEESI LAB SUA project will help the Morogoro Region in increasing production in agriculture. 

Morogoro Regional Commissioner Adam Malima has also said that, youth from the YEESI LAB SUA project, will help the Morogoro region in solving environmental challenges in Mount Uluguru.

Morogoro Regional Commissioner Adam Malima talking to creative youth.

Morogoro Regional Commissioner Adam Malima talking to creative youth.

He said this while launching a youth competition to facilitate creativity and young agricultural technology companies in Tanzania, organized by the YEESI LAB SUA project, where seven out of 100 young people made it to the final, where the winners will be helped to open production companies in the Morogoro region.

The Regional Commissioner said that the project has attracted him, because it is aimed at youth who are the biggest producers, and that if what is intended is implemented, he has great hope that the youth will provide agricultural education to others, provide employment in the Morogoro region, by establishing industries and that his regional office will be first to give incentives and priorities for their activities when they start.

He has added that the arrival of these companies, will increase production for farmers by more than 75 percent, in the Morogoro region, to be sure of the market, where he has also asked the Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA), to assist the region in the strategic crops of cloves and avocados, established in the region of Morogoro, for increasing the economy of the region, and the nation, and preserving the environment, especially in the areas of the Uluguru mountains, where they were left bare after the destruction of the environment.

On the other hand, the representative of the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Esron Karimuribo, has said that the youth that are creative, from the Morogoro region, as the university, wish to see creativity growth in the Morogoro region, and that 10 years ago, SUA did not give more priority to creativity and focused more on providing training and research, forgetting that creativity is another important area, and universities all over the world are supposed to be technological centers, that will provide answers to the challenges found, where in 2005 the creative policy started the process in the university until today.

Prof. Karimuribo

Prof. Ezron Karimuribo

A representative from the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology who is the Assistant Director responsible for Science and Technology Dr. Alexander Mtawa, has praised SUA for preparing youth and developing them, and that you cannot talk about innovation in the country and leave SUA, who have started many years compared to other universities.

Dr. Alexander Mtawa talking to innovators

Dr. Alexander Mtawa talking to innovators.

Dr. Kadeghe Fue has said that the creative young people, will be helped to open a company and all operational issues within the Morogoro region, where they will be solving challenges, by using various systems, to help farmers make the right decisions in the field, in accordance with creativity and technology, and that all seven young people who reached the final will be helped, even though only five where required.

Dr. Kadeghe Fue.

Dr. Kadeghe Fue speaking to journalists (not pictured).

The three-year project was collaborating with SUA, TAOTIC, NATIONAL ACADEMIC OF SCIENCE, USAID and USDA.

The photos below are various participants including creative winners.

















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