SNAL releases a book and mobile app to aid modern agriculture

Sokoine National Agricultural Library (SNAL) has created a guidebook and a mobile app to assist anyone who want to start vegetable farming using modern technologies, particularly young people to succeed.


The book and app contains various guidelines for doing modern and productive agriculture. The book, named "Kilimo cha Kisasa Mkononi Mwako" (Modern Agriculture in Your Hand) is currently available in hard copy at the Sokoine National Agriculture Library, and the app, branded "Mboga App," is available at the "Google play store."

Mr. Shabani Omary Chika and Ms. Editha Njeu, Library Officers at SUA, described the book and app on the KAPU LA LEO radio program broadcast by SUA FM radio, noting that they are important resources developed to help a large group of people who need guidance to start doing productive farming, especially young people.

They explained that the reader will gain a lot of knowledge from the book and app, including how to cultivate veggies at home, even in a tiny space. Anyone can learn how to cultivate, prepare a nursery, set up a nursery environment, water and grow seeds, and many other things.

In addition, SNAL has the Mkulima Mobile App (, which allows readers to read the numerous booklets accessible at SNAL using their smart phones. You can also read numerous materials online by following this link:

Story Credits: Hadija Zahoro - SUAMEDIA

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