MATI-Ilonga students advised to use agricultural information resources from SNAL

Students from the Ministry of Agriculture Training Institute (MATI – Ilonga) have been advised to have a culture of reading and search for wide knowledge in various agriculture produce and practices. This will not only help them to excel as subject matter experts (SMEs) but also in the future, they can have self-employment and become the next millionaires. This dream can become true if they learn how to apply different best agricultural techniques and adopt innovative and proven agriculture technologies documented in different booklets available at Mkulima collection – SUA.


Prof. Sanga emphasizes a point when he was talking to MATI-Ilonga students in Kilosa, Morogoro

The advice was given by the Director of Sokoine National Agricultural Library – SNAL Prof. Camilius Sanga when he was talking to them during the visitation at the Ministry of Agriculture Training Institute – MATI-Ilonga, Kilosa in the Morogoro region.

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