Ecosystems and Conservation

The Department of Ecosystems and Conservation. is one of the departments in the College of Forestry,Wildlife TourismSokoine University of Agriculture (SUA) located in Morogoro Region, Tanzania.

The Department was formed in July 1984 following the establishment of SUA by elevating the former Faculty of AgricultureForestry and Veterinary Medicine of the University of Dar es Salaam to a fully-fledged University of Agriculture.

The Department offer teachings, researches and consultations services in the area of namely: Forest Botany, Beekeeping, Forest Ecology, Natural forest silviculture, Plantation silviculture, Tree improvement, Agroforestry, Forest protection, Forest soils, Climate change, Biodiversity, Watershed management, Integrated ecosystem assessment, Ecological impact assessment and planning, and Ecological restoration.

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Academic Departments

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