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Services and Accommodation

Created on 22 March 2010 Last Updated on 23 August 2017

The Office of the Dean of Students (DoS) is responsible for taking care of all forms of students’ welfare matters (personal, social and spiritual etc) as part of university resolve to provide a conducive university learning environment in support of institutional vision, missions and objectives.

The office is also responsible for disciplinary matters pertaining to guiding students’ lives in pursuit of their transformation into life long learners.

Office bearers

The Office of the Dean of Students is manned by Mr Pule John Motshabi, who is an expert in career counselling. He is assisted by a number of staff with a wide scope of expertise in students’ matters. The head office of the Deans of Students is located at the Main campus (MC) and there is a support office at Solomon Mahlangu Campus (SMC).


The university has a number of hostels at MC and SMC that cater for undergraduate and postgraduate accommodation needs. Currently, the university facilities have a carrying capacity of 3,627 students. These facilities are managed by Sokoine University of Agriculture Students Accommodation Bureau (SUASAB). 

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Health Services

The university attaches great importance on the health of students, staff and the neighbouring community. In achieving this, SUA has a newly-refurbished Health Centre at MC, which is manned by qualified medical professionals and specialists. Of recent, SUA has also acquired the Solomon Mahlangu hospital, which was previously owned by the African National Congress (ANC) of South Africa. This hospital which is based at SMC is also manned by qualified medical professionals. Though these facilities, SUA therefore offers high level of medical services and has a system of referring sick students and staff to referral hospitals within the country. Students are required pay a medical capitation fee as stipulated in the fee structure. University staff also contribute to the running of these medical services through a SUA Community Health Fund.

Religious Welfare

SUA is non-religious institution but nevertheless, it provides land and facilities to allow students and staff to participate in various religious activities. As of now, SUA has a number of chaplaincies (Roman Catholic, K.K.K.T, Seventh Adventist, Tanzania Assemblies of God, Pentecost etc) and mosques at MC and SMC. The university also promotes effective interaction amongst its community and advocates and promotes religious tolerances amongst religious and other social groups in the community.

Games and Sports

Games and sports play an important role in fostering students’ academic career and, in attaining good health and academic mindset. In achieving this goal, SUA has established modest games and sports facilities at both campuses and these include facilities for football, netball, basket ball tennis court etc . SUA has also employed qualified games coaches and other staff in guiding and promoting the value of games and sports in the university learning system. Games coaches are also mandated to promote sports mindset amongst university staff as part of institutional endeavour to promote working relationship. The university also supports students' participation in inter-institutional games if and when resources are available. Through, the corporate strategic plan, SUA intends to improve the standards of the facilities and associated services in matching with increasing demands and importance.


The university, as of now, does not have self-catering services and hence students rely on a number of cafeterias that have been outsourced to private entrepreneurs. These and other eating facilities within the two campuses provide services to the community. The new hostels which are yet to be completed have kitchenettes to allow for self-catering services. The long term aim of the university is to improve the quality of services in order to guarantee students health and well being through self-catering and cafeteria systems.

Shopping facilities

Basic shopping needs are catered for at MC and SMC. However, students do much of their shopping in Morogoro where a range of services and commodities are available.

Banking Services

Two major banks in Tanzania (ie Barclays and CRDB Bank) offer services at MC and CRDB in addition has a branch at SMC. Banks are open from 9 am to 4 pm on week days and are open up to 1 pm on Saturdays. Both Banks offer cash dispensing services at MC and SMC 24 hours. These Banks have main branches in Morogoro municipality. Other Banks that operate within the municipality include NMB, KCB, EXIM and STANIBIC. These also provide a wide range of services including cash dispensing ones.

Career Counseling

Cognizance of the value of counselling in students' career development, SUA has a team of career professionals that help students to identify specific career needs and inculcate career mindset. SUA thus often conducts training workshops designed to help with all stages of career planning and development. The ministry responsible for Labour and Youth Development has been a partner in these initiatives. The University also facilitates employers to identify potential students for employment. Such employers that have had close links with SUA include Kagera Sugar Company, Mufindi Tea Company, Kilombero, Sugar Company, Export Trading Company, Supper Doll Company Limited. SUA plans to widen and strengthen this partnership.

Students’ Governance

SUA recognizes the importance of participation of students (undergraduate and postgraduate) in realising its vision and objectives and, in advancing its core missions. Sokoine University of Agriculture Students Organisation (SUASO), led by the President, Vice President, Prime Minister, Ministers, Deputy Ministers and Ministerial Secretaries and other officials is guided by a constitution that is subject to approval by SUA COUNCIL. SUASO, which works closely with the university administration through the Office Dean of Students is represented in various important university committees including SENATE and COUNCIL as provided for by The Sokoine University Charter and Rules, 2007. The university management therefore values the contribution of SUASO, which is responsible for student’s academic, political, social and recreational life. SUA administration also uses this partnership to nurture and mentor SUASO leaders into lifelong leaders.

The university has a Gender Policy and through this framework, the university administration values the role of female and differently-abled students in the university business and to this effect, female and differently-abled students are represented in various committees as provided for in the university Charter.

SUASO constitution recognises establishment of affiliate organizations within the university student body. These affiliate associations which have been and continue to be established are aimed at fostering cooperation and understanding amongst students and spearheading academic and social interest of groups at discipline or degree-level. This system provides an objective institutional modality for SUASO's representation in Faculty and Institute Boards and their committees such as Undergraduate Studies Committees as provided for in the Sokoine University of Agriculture Charter and Rules, 2007.

Travel Connections

Morogoro does not have a commercial airport and the nearest airport to SUA is the Mwalimu Julius Nyerere International Airport in Dar es Salaam, which is about 200 km from Morogoro. One can travel into Morogoro by road and it takes approximately 3 hours travel by road from Dar es Salaam. Railway services are also available for those travelling using the central railway line. Foreign students are strongly advised to opt for road travel because of unreliable railway services between Dar es Salaam and Morogoro. For those opting to travel into Tanzania by road, they advised to take buses that pass through Morogoro.

A number of commercial buses ply between Dar as Salaam and Morogoro and there is often a bus every one hour. The last bus from Dar es Salaam leaves at around 7.00 pm. Foreign students coming to Tanzania by air are advised to take a taxi to Ubungo Bus Terminal (in Dar es Salaam) for which the cost is between 10-15 US Dollars. The bus fare from Dar es Salaam to Morogoro (Msanvu Bus Station) is 5 – 10 US dollars and taxi from Msanvu Bus Station to MC or SMC is approximately 5 – 8 US dollars. There are small commuter buses which ply into MC and SMC, often through more than one connection. New comers are strongly advised to avoid opting for these commuter buses on the first day of arrival because of some inconveniences

For more information, please contact Mr Pule John Motshabi, The Dean of Students who can be reached through +255 23 264006-9; mobile no 255 786 667922 and via or



Sokoine University of Agriculture Units Website Ranking Results | September 2017

University wide  Website Committee (UWC) of Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA) in its 13th meeting held on 06th September 2017 approved the results of the ranking of University website for the College/School/Faculty/Department/Institute/Directorate and Centres for the third quarter (June - September 2017).

Congratulations to the following units for being the Winner (Top three).

1. Sokoine National Agricultural Library (SNAL)

2. College of Agriculture (CoA)

3. College of Forestry, Wildlife, and Tourism (CFWT)



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