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Accomodation Services

Created on 17 July 2014 Last Updated on 26 October 2015

Accommodation services are coordinated by the Sokoine University of Agriculture Students Accommodation Bureau (SUASAB).


SUASAB has accommodation space of 3590 undergraduate students and 141 postgraduate students which make a total capacity of 3731 students as shown below:-

SN Campus/Hostel Capacity Total
Undergraduate Postgraduate
1 Main Campus 756 36 792
2 New Hostels 924 99 1023
3 Ex-NBC Flats 226 - 226
4 Solomon Mahlangu Campus 1430 6 1436
4 Kihonda Hostels 254 - 254
TOTAL 3590 141 3731

Priority Order of allocation of rooms

Since the accommodation facilities are not adequate, SUASAB has devised a prioritization system for allocating room to students. Hence students may be offered accommodation in the University residence in order of the priority as following:-

  1. Students with physical disability
  2. Students with health challenges
  3. Foreign students
  4. First year students
  5. Female students
  6. Finalist students (males)
  7. Continuing students (males)

Rates of accommodation payments

(a) Postgraduate Programmes

Rooms are not shared. Accommodation fee is TShs. 912,500.00 per student per year plus depreciation fee (non refundable) of TShs. 20,000.00. The total payment is TShs. 932,500.00 for local students and USD 1,200 for foreign students which is to be made in one installment.

(b) Undergraduate and non-degree programmes

Rooms are shared by two to six students

(i) First year

  • Foreigners:Accommodation fee is USD 70 per student per semester.
  • Local students : Accommodation fee is TShs. 82,530.00 per student per semester one plus depreciation fee (non-refundable) of TShs. 10,000.00. The total payment is TShs. 92,530.00 for main campus hostels, new hostels and Solomon Mahlangu Campus.

Accommodation fee for Kihonda hostel is TShs. 41,920.00 per student per semester one plus depreciation fee (non refundable) of TShs. 10,000.00. The total payment is TShs. 51,920.00

(ii) Continuing and finalists

  • Foreigners: Accommodation fee is USD 70 per student per semester.
  • Local students : Accommodation fee is TShs. 78,120.00 per student per semester one for Main Campus Hostels, New Hostels, Ex-NBC Flats and Solomon Mahlangu Units/Hostels.

Accommodation fee for Kihonda Hostel is TShs. 39,680.00 per student per semester one.

Information for Prospective foreign Students

NB: All payments must be made in advance through CRDB Account No. 01J1076769835. Make sure your full name, Registration number, hostel and room number appear on bank pay-in-slip.


However, to avoid inconveniences no student is allowed to pay accommodation fee before being registered at the University and following other logistics as shall be directed by the SUASAB.

 Accommodation Agreement Between SUASAB And Tenant Students

Accommodation during long vacation

a) Field Practical

i) Local students: Tshs. 1,250.00 per day per bed
ii) Visitors: Tshs. 1,350.00 per day per bed


b) Probation examination: Tshs. 630.00 per day per bed.
c) Seminars, conference, games and sports: Tshs. 6,000.00 per day per bed.

Different groups (students and non-students) wishing to stay in our hostels during long vacation are warmly welcome.


For more information please contact Mrs. Victoria Makangila Tesha, the SUASAB Coordinator via Email address or through phone number +255(23)2603511-14.     

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